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Fixing carbon

As with all great stories it began with a potato. Longer than I care to admit, there was a time when I was a young and foolish teenager.  Left at home on one of the rare occasions my parents went out, I got it into my thick skull to microwave a potato.  Having no idea what to do, the timer was set to a shockingly high 40 minutes. The inevitable result was a dead microwave and a glowing black lump where the potato had once been.  It was one of those painful experiences in life that one tries to forget but years later it opened up a line of thought.  We need to get the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere down, and fast.  Could microwaving plant material help?   Using patented technology, I’ve been working with a team to set up a new company called Carbonscape which is doing just that.
As many readers will know, technology now exists to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) direct from any major source that emits the offending gas.  The crucial point is that the carbon dioxide can be capt…