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UK becomes first country to declare a 'climate emergency'

UK becomes first country to declare a 'climate emergency' Days of protest by Extinction Rebellion have brought parts of London to a standstill. ShutterstockChris Turney, UNSWOn Wednesday night a bipartisan UK Parliament passed an extraordinary measure: a national declaration of an Environment and Climate Emergency. The UK is the first national government to declare such an emergency. The decision marks a renewed sense of urgency in tackling climate change, following a visit to Parliament by teenage activist Greta Thunberg , the broadcast of David Attenborough’s documentary Climate Change: The Facts and 11 days of protest by environmental group Extinction Rebellion that paralysed parts of London. Read more: Extinction Rebellion: disruption and arrests can bring social changeThere are now some 49 million people living under national, city and local declarations of a climate emergency around the world.Extinction Rebellion protesters surround a boat bl…