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Sandbag: Stemming the tide of rising greenhouse gases

I t’s not often you hear good news when it comes to climate change. More often than not, reports in the media verge on the catastrophic, rarely giving little hope to the public.  As a result, it can be hard to convince people to take positive action when all the headlines scream doom and gloom. Recently, however, I learnt of a fantastic new initiative in the UK that allows people to make a real difference. Here I chat to Bryony Worthington at about a new campaign to be launched in the Autumn that promises to deliver real action on climate change.  This could be a model for the rest of the world. An alternative way forward  Chris: So what is Sandbag? Bryony: It’s a web-based campaign to try to educate people about carbon emissions trading and also empower people so they can get involved and make a difference so we can tighten up the rules. Basically the aim is to try to reduce the amount of emissions going into the atmosphere by enabling people to take