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Carbonscape and The Snowball Effect

It’s hard to imagine a world without steel. Steel has built some of the world’s most iconic skylines and fuelled industrial growth. The Empire State Building, Auckland’s Sky Tower, the Trans-Siberian Express…all made possible by steel. But there is an environmental cost. Carbon is a key ingredient and coking coal the go to source. It’s used to fuel the furnaces and added to iron to give steel its great strength. When the world started making steel half a millennia ago, the nascent technology produced a thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide for every tonne of steel that rolled out of the forge. Today, thanks to developments in technology, emissions have fallen but remain high. Around 1.6 billion tonnes of steel is produced globally, releasing just over 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the world’s atmosphere. A major stumbling block to getting these emissions down is the cost of replacing fossil fuels. Carbonscape is crowd sourcing funds to produce green coke with Snowba